The Vault of the Witness (Demo - 2002)

1. Two Islands
2. Vault of the Witness
The Stone of Delusion's Saga:
3. Lords of Delusion part I: The Five Disciples
4. Lords of Delusion part II: The Prophecy Prevailed
5. Salvation
6. Lemuria's Crypt
7. 's Lands Glorie

2002 Recording line-up:
Niklaas Reinhold- Vocals | Vincent Pichal- Drums & keys | Jens Depetter- Lead guitar | Kevin Proost- Guitar | Bart De Prins- Bass

All music by Jens Depetter except: interlude of "The Five Disciples" and "Salvation" by Vincent Pichal. Guitar outro on "The Prophecy Prevailed" by Erwin "Double Diamond" Suetens.
Music Arranged by Lemuria. Lyrics by Vincent Pichal except "Two Islands" by Niklaas Reinhold.
Lyrical arrangements by Niklaas Reinhold.

Recorded in April 2002 at The Cavern studios, Antwerp by Kjell Ambjörnsen. Mixed by Steven Jacobs.










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