Hi all

We are happy to announce that Lemuria is complete again! Wesley Beernaert will handle vocal duties henceforth. We are presently banging out new songs and will soon crush the stages once more.

Stay tuned!


Hi all.

The time has come for a sneak peek of our next album! The working title for this track is 'Shadow'. It is merely a self-made pre-production, we will let you know when we enter the studio for the final recordings.



It's been quiet for a while but we finally return with some news to share with you!

First of all, we found a guitar player. He goes by the name of Jeroen De Kooning and will be handling the rhythm section.

Secondly, our friend Matthieu Van den Brande (Herfst, Angeli di Pietra) has agreed to help us out as a live vocalist. We are still on the lookout for a permanent replacement, so don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

And last but not least, a new conceptual story is in the making and several new songs are being finalised. You can expect a sample some time next week.

Stay tuned.


Dear fans,

We have some bad news for you. Due to creative differences Siegfried and Niklaas have decided to leave Lemuria.

In this respect, perhaps it is also long overdue that we announce that Christophe also left the band some time ago due to scheduling conflicts. We apologise for not broadcasting this sooner, but as you all can imagine, things have been rather hectic.

We would like to wish them success in their further musical endeavours and we are sure we’ll see them on stage again as they are still active in the scene.

We will be looking for replacements very soon, so don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

Vincent, Bart and Gaël

In their own words:

Dear fans,

After considerable deliberation, Siegfried and I have decided to leave Lemuria. Creative differences have led us down a different path and therefore we resign our duties as key operator and frontman.

We would like to wish Vincent, Gaël and Bart all the best. We have parted ways amicably, perhaps we shall share the stage with them at some point.

Thank you for that 13 year learning curve. Rest assured, it shan’t be squandered.

Signing off for the last time as Lemuria’s vocalist.



Ladies and gents,

It was ten years ago to the day that we played our first gig together with Siegfried on keys. Up till then, he had been our webmaster, but we needed a keyboard player for the (then) new musical direction. We knew he had experience playing the piano, so we asked him to join the band, as a full member.
To us, this marks not only the anniversary of Sigi's first gig, but also the birth of what Lemuria is today.
To mark this special occasion, a brand new site was launched earlier today. The boys at Blacklake have done an excellent job (as usual).

And it doesn't stop there: we can formally announce we are working hard on the follow-up to our 2010 album 'Chanson de la Croisade'. 4 songs are on the verge of completion, riffs and orchestration are being conjured up, reviewed and sorted into two categories: epic and even more epic. You have been warned!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for important updates and, of course Twitter (@lemuriascrypt) for real time updates, conversation and general silliness.

Lemuria came, saw, played and won the 2012 Graspop Metal Meeting Talent Quest. Thank you to all that voted for us and thank you to all that were there.

Ha! A few weeks ago we realized something, which we are now going to share with you (procrastinators unite!):
It is exactly 10 years ago that we were in Cavern Studios in Antwerp recording our first real demo The Vault of the Witness. This was even before Siegfried joined our ranks.
Yes sir, two days of recording, mixing AND mastering (O_o) with a 500 euro budget (can't recall if that included printing the cd's and booklets) and The Vault was born.
We only printed 200 copies, we sold those out years ago, but in case you desperately want to know what it sounded like (emphasis on desperate), we've uploaded the first track here (as in 'click here'). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Lemuria is expanding! (Well, sort of) We are happy to announce that our drummer Vincent and his girlfriend are expecting a little Lemur. Steve from Leuven based prog metallers coRPus and his drumkit will be reinforcing our ranks for the upcoming gigs while Vince is busy changing diapers and losing sleep (har har). We wish them all the best!

After a considerably lengthy and arduous deliberation, we have finally decided who will fill the gap left by Jan upon his departure and become Lemuria’s second guitar player:
Say hello to mr. Christophe Vandeghinste. Apart from his legendary good looks, he is also known for being the rhythm guitar player of Necromantic metallers Herfst and his previous work in such bands as Aegrimonia and Excess of Cruelty. We would like to welcome him with open arms and are very pleased to have another experienced musician in our ranks. Cheers!

Ladies and gents, it's that time again: We're sad to announce the departure of our lead guitar player Jan Bergmans. Just as with our former guitarist Roman Samonin, a busy schedule and a differing allocation of priorities has lead Jan to take his leave from our ranks. We wish him nothing but the best of luck in his future endeavours and prosperity in both his musical career and everything else. We thank him for standing by us since our rebirth in 2008 and, of course, contributing to and recording our latest album, Chanson de la Croisade. His last show with Lemuria will be in Middelburg (NL) on Friday, the 30th of September, so be there! Jan, we salute you and although we may have lost an excellent guitar player, we have definitely gained a friend. Cheers!

However, as one door closes, another one opens. Because of this develpment, we find ourselves once again on a quest for a new string wizard. We are currently looking for an extremely tight rhythm guitar player, but if you are able to handle leads and solo's, it will also be very duly noted. We need someone with certain creative capabilities, preferably to be added to the existing think tank behind Lemuria. Being able to sing (clean or harsh parts), read tabs and/or sheet music and/or have a background in music education is a tipping-the-scales-in-your-favour advantage, but not absolutely necessary. Obviously you need your own equipment, own transportation is a plus. Band and live experience is a must, so sorry, no beginners. Weekly rehearsals in the Antwerp region.

Interested or know anyone who is and wants to play our kind of music? Get in touch with us through our Facebook page (and like us, if you haven't already done so) or our communal mail address.
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Lemuria will play at the special Paddemonium benefit show at Den Egelantier on August 27th. Check the Gigs page for more shows.
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Charles Webster Leadbeater publishes The Lost Lemuria, in which he included a map of the continent of Lemuria as stretching from the east coast of Africa across the Indian and the Pacific Oceans

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